The BAW minibus has successfully operated in the South African taxi industry following detailed adaptations made by Beijin Automobile Works (BAW) to suit the African operating condition.

As a Fortune 500 company, BAW has the advantages in technologies, capitals and management expertise; it has accumulated rich experience in scientific planning, legal compliance, green production, and sustainable development; it has also cultivated a fine company culture of harmonious coexistence and win-win development among enterprises, people and local communities; moreover, it is renowned for its excellent services and high quality products. All these contribute to the great vitality and strong momentum for BAW to promote the local economy and enhance local employment.

BAW Nigeria, is bringing the benefit of these experience to the Nigeria transporter and end user through a network of dealers who will provide professional services.

Our vehicles are built to suit African conditions with emphasis on safety, comfort, and reliability which is supported by an optional 200,000 Km free service plan.

The localization of components is increasing in the South African market and many have been redeveloped to suit local conditions and improved reliability. An example of our vehicles’ reliability is the fact we have Susaka which have completed in excess of 500,000 Km and is still operating.

Based on this, we believe that our products will be very well accepted by the African continent.

BAW’s business plan for growth and the increasing demand within the taxi market in South Africa has led to BAW and the IDC to invest R250 million to enlarge the current springs factory to cater for CKD assembly.

The plant expansion includes a new body shop, paint shop, trim line, P&A warehouse and the upgrade of all utilities.

BAW Nigeria will benefit from the investment by BAW South Africa and will give effective support to operations within Nigeria.







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To promote cost efficient automobile operation in Nigeria by providing quality in product and service.







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Our objective is to work with our clients and dealers as partners, thereby maximizing all stakeholders’ value.







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Integrity and Transparency.






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